Here is more about TownSquare Social Media!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site, interact with our members and their content, and to (hopefully) become part of a vibrant and growing community here on the "inter-webs." 

The site is designed with you - the user in mind - to be user friendly, and intuitive.  While we have launched in the "not too distant" past, we are already working on tweaks, enhancements, and anything we can think of to make your user experience - the best it can be!

As it stands now, there are no secret, ultra invasive algorithms recording all of your movements and monitoring your content. 

While we are a "data-neutral" platform, we also have member moderators and company administrators that are available to assist should someone "behave really badly." 

As long as it is legal, we not only allow free speech, but we also actively encourage its expression!

What is Censorship?

We believe that fact checking is little more than censorship branded to sound benign and friendly - it is generally neither.  In fact, being pro-free speech, pro 1st Amendment, and anti-censorship has been a prime mover for us. 

Thus our site has been born out of the negative experiences of others just like you, specifically as it relates to our ability to express ourselves freely and without reproach.  So many of us experience some level of PTSD as it relates to censorship.  It demeans and cheapens our collective human experience.  

We want all people to feel comfortable using the platform, please understand that we abhor pornography in all of its forms.  We believe that this is part of the worldwide infection known as human sex trafficking. 

As a company then, we have decided that we will not participate in the objectification of women and in demeaning the innocence of our women and children.  Please respect the humanity of others and do not post it.

We truly want people from all walks of life, and all political persuasians to engage and interact on the platform.  It should not matter if you lean "too far" right or left ... what matters most is our fervent patriotism for the nation(s) you and I call home!

Shadow (Material) Ban

Please treat other member-users with respect, human dignity and some level of reasonable decorum.  We believe that everyone's user-interactive experience (UIX) is enhanced when we do our best to be respectful of other points of view, regardless our belief in or consideration of the same. 

We recognize CAVEAT EMPTOR and the fact that each is entitled to their own opinions; informed as they see fit. 

We welcome you to TownSquare!  We are a place where you can be yourself - just like it used to be at the millions of diners and coffee shops across our nation (and the world!). 

Our site is supported with a combination of private partners, discreet investors, and businesses who choose to pay for premium advertising. 

While any business can set up a profile page on the site at no charge to them [FREE!].  We recognize and deeply appreciate that some are willing to pay for premium ad placement. 

Please take note of those places which are located around the site.  We are adding and tweaking those places to the platform - even now.

Stay Tuned!  We Have More Platforms Coming Soon! Including:

1.  TownSquare.Video - which will be YouTube-like

TownSquare Video App!

2.  SoapBox Town Square - a longer form of a Twitter App where you can "Rant" and "Rave!"

SoapBox TownSquare where you "Rant & Rave!#

3.  TownSquare Gazebo - this will be a place where you can "podcast" and share music in a "spotify-ish kind of way.  Just as if you were hanging out in your town square, at your town's Gazebo listening to a speaker or musician making themselves be heard.

Town Square Gazebo - where you can "podetize-ish" & spotify-ish!"

Thank you Beatiful Patriots!  Ya'll Rock!

From the TownSquare Social Media Team!

Galatians 5:1

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."


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